Who am I?

I am Alex Shaw, a software developer and entrepreneur working in Edinburgh, Scotland.

What is Glastonbridge?

Glastonbridge was founded in 2005 as a vehicle for Alex to make cool stuff. Over the course of that time we grew into a team, and have built haptic immersive experiences, 3D visuals and musical mobile applications. Our business went on hiatus in 2017, but Alex is back making cool stuff again in 2021 as a creative technologist and collaborator working with digital art, dancers, and installation artists, using immersive technologies such as AR, VR, sound, and livecoding.


(Not a complete list of things I do, but occasionally I have something I can share!)

An Augmented Reality Ballet called Singularity combining performance, storytelling, science, technology and ethical perspectives.
Two people smiling at the viewer over a table, one holding a 3D force-feedback joystick
A VR sculpting app for expressive, intuitive design, using 3D touch and Virtual Reality to make things that are ready to 3D print.