A new standard for crafting in the Metaverse

What’s it like to feel things in Virtual Reality? Not just a vibration, but a solid shape.

“It’s weird!” “That’s amazing!” “Satisfying!” “It’s nice to use.”

That’s what our workshop participants told us when we showed them our Haptic VR Sculpting app.

But what is it? Glastonbridge took existing 3D Sculpting software, and we put it into virtual reality. We re-thought the whole experience, to make it more user-friendly in a VR environment. You sit at a workbench, and pick up tools and materials from your bench. Watch our video!


Combining Grounded Force Feedback Haptics with VR has proved to increase engagement over either technology on its own. Grounded Force Feedback is a technology that means that haptic spaces can have resistance just like objects do in real space. Being able to push against an object while you work with it is an intrinsic experience for real-world sculpting and related activities.


This can open up digital sculpting to new audiences. But it could also be used for other applications, like vocational training, music, and more. It creates a sense of playfulness that is only possible when the tools are intuitive and fun to use. If you have an idea where we could take this get in touch.


In May this year, Glastonbridge began work on a six-month funded answer to a challenge from Anarkik3D through Creative Informatics, to make an app that combines Virtual Reality and haptics in a creative way. We are very grateful for the opportunity, and all of the ongoing support and community networking that Creative Informatics have given us. And to Anarkik3D for their dedication to adventure and creativity.

Open Source

We are pleased to contribute the OpenXR enhancements we made to OGRE3D as an MIT-licensed open source project.


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